An Update on Rise's Production Process


For those of you who didn’t know, The Nerdist Contest ended and Rise finished #2 on the list. That means Rise is now on its way to being published and not just the digital version. An actual physical paperback. That’s happening because of you! So thanks.

Unfortunately, the Nerdist did not select Rise to be in their Collection (congratulations to the winners; knock ‘em dead and lift the tide for all of us lol), but that was always a secondary goal. Winning the contract was the primary and we achieved that.

I’ll limit my updates from this point forward to Fridays unless there isn’t anything to share. On those occasions, I’ll most likely share what’s been catching my eye book wise on Inkshares as well as the serial site I read a lot of books in progress: Jukepop Serials.

So, here’s your update for this week: I finished editing Rise last night. I should have been done much sooner. Don’t ask me why I wasn’t; I already feel fairly stupid already. Anyway, I submitted it along with the intake documentation sent to me by Inkshares and Girl Friday Productions. Sometime soon, I’m supposed to hear from my production editor and this ball starts rolling. To keep you informed on what is actually happening, Iet’s talk about those intake documents.

The questionnaires were mostly simple stuff. I’d say the hardest part was the signpost major points of the story breakdown. I mean, I know it all. But simplifying it all down to a series of single sentence major signposts proved a lot more complicated than I originally thought it would be. The next hardest part was writing my concept for a back of the book blurb. I’ve had the Future World series part of that done for a while, but Rise and its sequels will need another part to it that focuses on each book. That proved a bit harder than the series one. We shall see how close I got to the final version later, I suppose.

Because some of you have been asking, the sequel, Fall, is about three quarters of the way done. I slowed down on writing it once Dragoncon and the Inkshares contest hit, but I’ve maintained a minimum of 100 words a days for well over 90 days now. The story line is racing toward the climactic ending and I hope to have it done before November hits so my NANOWRIMO novel can be Shatter, Future Worlds book three.  You can keep up with the Future Worlds series here.

As I promised, I’ve uploaded a PDF version of the complete first draft for the readers and backers to access.  I hope you take advantage of the opportunity and pre-order so you can get an early copy, read it, and enjoy the extra content on the end. The most important thing for you to keep in consideration is a review. We are several months away from publication (March 20, 2016 is the current projection) but when we get close to that date, Rise will start appearing for pre-order on those sites. Having a review ready to post when that happens is such an important part to the success of a new release. Did you know you can post reviews on the Inkshares page, too? It’s a handy place to keep a review where you can easily find it for posting on another vendor’s website, like Amazon or, later.

Thanks again for your support. I wasn’t ignoring you all post the contest. I intended on posting an update last Friday, but my inbox exploded with everyone else’s announcements and updates of what they were all doing post contest. I decided to wait a few days to add my own update to the cacophony.

Until next time!