Christmas Eve Update on Rise

Well, the big day is almost here!  Everyone got all their shopping done?  Made sure you got something special for everyone on your list?

Before you finish of that list, might I suggest you take a peek at Inkshares current Sword and Laser the Sequel contest and sending a gift an author's way by way of supporting their project?  I don't want to affect your choice, so I won't highlight any one in particular.  There are a lot of good projects and I know it would mean a LOT to all of those authors if you were to throw a little Holiday cheer their way.

Also, I recommend you go check out the in production or already published list.  It's chock full of amazing books and many are still offering a buy one get one free deal.  I took advantage of that to get presents for many a friend, spreading the Inkshares logo around the world.  My daughter is now so excited to see a package arrive from Inkshares because she thinks it will be for her or be my book (she hasn't quite latched on the the September 2016 publication date yet).

As for my book, an update is in order.  I'm up to me eyeballs in the developmental edit.  It's a good bit of work and is taking quite a bit of time.  It's not as simple as changing a word here or there.  It's a full on change to conversations, weighing what to keep the same versus what to change.  Needless to say it's slow work, but, in the end, I think it will be better for it.

Also, we made past round two of the cover selection discussion.  We're going with a version the readers have not seen yet but one I think is a fair mix of using the original cover but with a fresh twist on it that pulls in elements others liked from the other options.

Happy Holidays!