Celebrate and Win a full copy of Rise!

To celebrate a fellow Fantasy Sci-Fi Network author's achievement in gaining a community following, I've offered up a complete copy of Rise as a prize.  Up until now, this has only been available in novellas (Parts 1 and 2, already on Amazon, and 3, not yet released).  This prize will include all three parts, with additional content thrown in to include: a letter from Logwyn, a transcript of Logwyn's interview with Quentin, several concept sketches of the Future World series done by the cover artist Christopher McElfresh, and the opening to Fall, sequel to Rise currently available on Jukepop only. 

So, what do you have to do to win this amazing prize?  Simple, go to this link and enter her Rafflecopter.  That's it.  And while you're there check out her and the many other amazing authors putting prizes up in the celebration.