New Years Update!

Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great holiday time and that you get a good start on whatever goals you set for yourself.

So, updates for you!  I completed the developmental edit and submitted it to the editor for round two.  It was a fun task that involved a lot of juggling and slashing and gnashing of teeth and many, many, many hours of Civilization 5 keeping my focused with its turn based system of game play:-)

Also, we've settled on a concept for the cover, taking the original version and blending it with an idea suggested by a reader that touched on themes the publisher felt were significant.  

Rise Concept Cover - Artist Chris McElfresh

Rise Concept Cover - Artist Chris McElfresh

My thanks to the Inkshares and Girl Friday teams as well as to the artist, Chris McElfresh, for the work and care they've given to see this project come even closer to fruition.  September will be here before you know it!

We aren't doing this in a vacuum.  All of us authors who are in development or production or who are already printed owe this community for the help and work each and every one does on their own projects.  We bring more eyes to this unique community with our successes and even our failures.  Taking the power of publication selection and giving it to you the reader is such a novel concept, pardon the pun, and I hope you take advantage of it to help expand Inkshares library of completed projects.  I, for one, am looking forward to an entire shelf of Inkshares books and that's saying something as my wife and I went digital a long time ago.  Be sure to check out all the funding projects, especially those competing in the Sword and Laser Sequel contest as that competition ends in just over 10 days!

Onward and upward!