Author News

First off, After Man won the Geek and Sundry Contest, taking second place and securing a publishing contract.  Thanks to all 320 of you who made that happen!

Second, there is a new book up for pre-order on Inkshares that yours truly is contributing a short story to.  It's called Too Many Controllers: An Anthology.  It's a series of short stories all themed on video games and let me tell you: there are some fascinating stories coming at this theme from all different angles.  The anthology is participating in the latest Nerdist Contest.  Give it a look and get your copy pre-ordered today!

Third, Rise is now out of my hands after I went over the proofread.  This should be the last time I send in any suggested changes.  I will likely get one more look over before they start producing galleys and more.  We're just over 90 days from the release date!  Thanks to all 609 of you that helped Rise win the publishing contract and to all the rest of you who have pre-ordered it since.  Stay tuned for future posts announcing how you can help with Rise's release!

Finally, Fall, the sequel to Rise, has been posted as a draft on Inkshares.  You can follow the project now and get updates as the project progresses.  The exact date for its initial release for pre-order has not been determined yet.  However, it will likely be around the same time Rise is released.  Follow the project and you'll know the instant it happens!